Job Search Tips for Australians

Job Search Tips for Australians

Tips for Success in Your Job Search

To help in you in your job hunt there are a variety of tips and tricks that will help set you aside from other applicants:

  1. Pay special attention to your resume – it is usually the first impression your employer has (no typos, spelling or grammatical errors or resume padding) – make sure it is a true reflection of your skills and displays information necessary to the job you are applying for.
  2. Be prepared – ensure you are always ‘on the ball’ to make sure you don’t miss any potential job opportunities – make sure your email is professional, check it often! Also do the same with your voice mail.
  3. Get on social media! Yes it might sound crazy but HR managers like to see you on there. Set your profile to private and make sure there is no inappropriate content on your Facebook or MySpace account that would make them think otherwise. It’s a good idea to get on LinkedIn too, this is where a large majority of job searches are done these days with companies regularly posting job opportunities on the site! You may also make some great connections on there that can put you in touch with potential employers.
  4. See a career counselor if you are unsure of your direction. It’s great to get a second person perspective and talk it out with someone. You don’t need to see a counselor but perhaps a good friend or family member can help you nut out the details. This is a good idea when deciding between course to enroll in.
  5. Have your references ready – if you get called in for a job interview it is best to come prepared with references and copies of qualifications. You will stand out from the rest if you are well prepared.
  6. Do your research – find out about the company before an interview, even before you write you application! You should know the basics and it’s likely a hiring manager will ask you why you want to work for them. Save yourself an awkward silence and know a bit about the history.
  7. In saying this you should also prepare practice answers to interview questions. Run through them with a friend in a mock interview and the real thing will be a breeze – as they say “practice makes perfect”
  8. Get trendy – show up to the interview in your best threads, neat hair and a clean shave – these are absolute minimum requirements and remember its best to be over dressed than under dressed at all times!
  9. Arrive on time – early is best but on time will do, never LATE! Never, this is not acceptable and the hiring manager cannot be kept waiting because you didn’t get out of bed early enough.
  10. Be positive – a smile goes a long way. Even if your not feeling it be polite to everyone you come across, particularly the administration assistants.
  11. Know your strengths and weaknesses – these are important for answering questions!
  12. Be at attention – do remain alert and show eye contact, sit up straight and answer questions with enthusiasm. There are many others going for the same role – the key is making yourself stand out (personality goes a long way!)

Get the Job

This infographic is great for graduates, job seekers and those who are generally interested in the job market. It’s got some great stats from human resource managers and job seekers alike and the study was conducted in July 2012. More than 540 adults were questioned and 510 hiring managers at companies with Fortune 1000 equivalent annual revenue.

What does it take to land your dream job?

This image appeared originally on the DeVry Career Board website available at

I was surprised to read that only 17% of hiring managers say nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits they seek! What do you think? Are hiring managers expecting too much from potential candidates or have you seen some job advertisements that weren’t asking enough?

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

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