How To Get ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

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How To Get ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Step 1 of the RPL Process : Request for information

After contacting Inspire we will advise you about the RPL process and provide information to help you decide whether the qualification is comparable to your experiences and training. You will then be able to determine whether the qualification is suitable for you to achieve. Your trainer may request documents related to your learning experience like work history, prior certificate, diploma or other training, your current resume or current job description. After completing the request for information you should know the steps expected of you throughout the RPL process and decide whether or not to continue onto the pre-assessment stage.

Step 2: Pre-assessment

The second area of RPL within the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is completing the pre-assessment check list. At this stage your trainer will examine the units of competency and will allow you to ask questions and clarify your objectives. You can receive pre-assessment checklists and obtain guidance and support from your assessor in the recognition processes. You also have the ability to talk about the knowledge, competence and experience being assessed.

To demonstrate your prior learning of skills and abilities, you need to ask yourself what experience you have earned, what aspects of that experience are relevant to the performance criteria of the competency and what you can show to prove that you meet the criteria.

Step 3: Work application and portfolio completion

After the pre-assessment stage, you will be asked to compile a portfolio of work samples to be compared to your performance criteria. You will also fill out the RPL application form and gather supporting evidence. Throughout the portfolio you should compile your evidence according to the units and liaise with your trainer to ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Verbal assessment interview and third party verification

The verbal assessment component allows the assessor to determine whether you have achieved each unit of competency. The trainer may seek to have a verbal discussion with your or ask for references, managerial statements and feedback from clients and other business partners. You can also show duty statements and position descriptions as well as have a real time observation conducted. Depending on the outcome of this stage you may need to resubmit some work.

Step 5: Post-assessment guidance

After the assessment and possible second assessment you will be notified in writing about the results of the assessment. If you do not agree you will have the right to appeal a decision and possible resubmit. This goes for all courses and is not exclusive to the Cert IV TAE.

Step 6: Certification

If your trainer assess the portfolio and deems you competent, you will then receive your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110).

Step 7: Feedback

It is normal practice for feedback about the training organisation’s recognition of prior learning process to be sought. You’ll have a chance to give your feedback on the experience and suggest ways the process can be improved or offer your appreciation for a job well done. You can learn more here about the RPL process for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


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  • Rhodd Davies says:

    I am on the Fasttrack training & assessment course. I do not, however, have the RPL application form (not sure where to find it). I have gathered evidence to support my application, ready for you to assess.


    Rhodd (Ruth) Davies

  • Ghaith Baker says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Jordanian electrical engineer who received lately a permanent visa (subclass 190) in order to immigrate to Australia.
    I am planning to get CEC Accreditation for Designing both Stand Alone Power System and Grid-Connect System.(
    While reading “Candidate guide to skills recognition”, I found that I can apply for my skills recognition.
    I took several online courses/exams concerning the above mentioned topics within Solar Energy International (,(
    -SEI-PVOL 202:“Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct)”, completed on July-2016.
    -SEI-PVOL 203:“Battery-based PV System Fundamentals”, completed on September-2016.
    -SEI-PVOL 303:“Advanced Battery-based PV System Design”, completed on November-2016.
    -Renac – Certified PV Professional (
    I believe that what I already studied is covering what is mentioned in K123A, K125A, K128A and K139A.
    Please advise how to proceed with recognition required for the accreditation.
    Ghaith Baker

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