Cert IV in Training and Assessment Fast Track: Your 101 on Intensive Courses

Cert IV in Training and Assessment Fast Track: Your 101 on Intensive Courses

The TAE40116 is the national standard for all trainers in Australia, and holding this qualification can jumpstart your career if you want to get into training.

If your ideal role requires you to be fully qualified, then this is the qualification you most likely need to complete. This course has a duration of 26 weeks on average based on myskills, but there are ways to fast track your Cert IV TAE depending on your experience.

How to Fast Track Your Cert IV TAE

There are many ways to ‘fast track’ your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course:

1. If you currently hold the TAE40110, then consider upgrading to TAE40116

By upgrading, you will no longer need to study everything from scratch and will skip most of the units. This allows you to gain your qualification sooner because you only need to study the new units plus some gap training.

You can go about this upgrade via the following fast track delivery options:

Self-Paced Online learning: Study all gap training and the new course units wherever you are around Australia at your own pace.
You will have up to 3 months to complete all assessments.

Face to Face Workshop: This is a great way to move through your course faster and with benefit of a learning session in the classroom with full trainer support. Consists of a 3-day workshop. The 3-day intensive Cert IV Training and Assessment workshop will cover gap training for the new/updated assessment units.

If you have more questions regarding the upgrade, simply click here to enquire now for the upgrade and get detailed information on how to fast track your Cert IV TAE.

2. If you have significant experience in vocational training, you can apply for RPL to lessen the number of units you need to study

You just need to provide evidence of competency for the units offered within the qualification. Here are the pieces of evidence you may use:

● Formal and informal qualifications such as qualifications, certificates, statements of results, statements of attainment or course transcripts.
● Resume, job description or work history.
● References from paid or unpaid work experience
● Samples of your work, such as publications, reports or articles
● References and letters from your clients or employers.

To know more about RPL, simply click here to view your guide on how to jumpstart your RPL training and enquire now.

3. Enrol in a Cert IV Intensive course workshop to get instant feedback and guidance from a trainer in a classroom

Instead of taking your time in a self-paced course, you can enrol in a Face to Face workshop. Face to Face workshops allow you to complete projects in class with the help of your trainer and get immediate feedback on your assessments.

At Inspire Education, you can enrol in a 1-week course, a 2-week course, a 3-week course, or a full 4-week course.

Week 1: Kickstart your training by attending a 5-day virtual online workshop with an expert trainer. During the workshop, you will be introduced to fundamental concepts about Training and Assessment, undertake several of the core projects in the first subject (Design Cluster), and gain a clear direction on how to undertake the remaining assessment tasks during the self-paced learning portion (up to 12 months).

Week 2: Attend two (2) 5-day virtual online workshops and undertake more workbooks tasks, including conducting demo training sessions in class (No need to organise your own venue and recruit new learners!), plus everything in the 1-week workshop. Comes with up to 12 months self-paced learning.

Week 3: Maximise your time by attending three (3) 5-day online workshops. In addition to the activities covered in the 2-week workshop, you will also go through the critical tasks and projects in the third subject (Assessment Cluster) under your trainer’s assistance and direction. Comes with up to 12 months self-paced learning.

Week 4: Fast-track your training by attending four (4) intensive 5-day online TAE workshops. With the expert guidance of your trainers, you will assess other learners in a real vocational setting and conduct group-based delivery sessions to complete the workplace training requirement of the course (no need to arrange placement with another RTO!), plus everything covered in the 3-week delivery. Comes with up to 12 months self-paced learning.

Click here and enquire now for more details on workshop schedules and fees.


There are multiple ways to fast track your Cert IV TAE:

● If you currently hold a certificate in TAE40110, then consider upgrading to TAE40116.
● You can also apply for RPL if you have significant training experience. This is to lessen the number of units you need to study.
● You can enrol in a 1,2, 3, or 4-week face to face Cert IV TAE course

If you have more questions in mind, we got you covered. Know more about fast-tracking your TAE qualification!

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