Cert IV Disability Jobs: Where Can You Take Your Skills in Providing Care and Support?

Cert IV Disability Jobs: Where Can You Take Your Skills in Providing Care and Support?

Do you have compassion for people who have disabilities? Are you willing to render aid to ensure their well-being? If yes, then you must be wondering, where can you channel your compassion for the disabled and provide care and aid for them?

Translate your passion to help others into a career where you can earn, while doing a genuine act for people with disabilities.

Having the latest nationally accredited and recognised qualification for those who wish to empower people living with disabilities is highly required by employers. It is designed to prepare you to take on any role in the disability sector with proper training, confidence, and passion.

If you currently hold the Certificate IV in Disability, then read on and take a look at the possible career paths you can take on:

I. Aged Care Activity Worker

Aged Care Activity Workers provide physical care and emotional support to older people who require assistance with daily tasks. These services may be provided in private homes, clinics, hospitals or residential care facilities. Aged Care Activity Workers help elderly people in regular activities such as dressing, washing, eating, taking medication, maintaining a safe and clean environment, and encouraging them to engage with their community.


II. Disability Support Officer/Worker

Provides care and support for individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities and assist them to integrate into the community. Disability officers may work as social trainers, teaching people with disabilities the skills needed to live independently in the community. They may organise social and leisure activities for clients to assist them with integration into the community.


III. Employment Coordinator (Disability)

The Employment Coordinator carries out a detailed analysis of potential job placements for people in the disability sector. He/she also supports interns/new recruits to learn their placement tasks and provide the necessary coaching, training and encouragement to succeed.


IV. Care Supervisor (Ageing)

Primarily responsible for overseeing and directing the services and support an aged person receives, and are likely to have a little to no direct contact with the patient. Instead, they train staff, which includes nurses and other personnel who provide direct services to clients.


V. Coordinator of Volunteers (Services to Older People)

If you wish to be a Coordinator of Volunteers, you will be in charge of managing all elements of volunteering for the benefit of the aged, either within an organisation or on behalf of the organisation for which you are recruiting volunteers. The role involves assessing and meeting an organisation’s needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers. The coordinator of volunteers will manage all the recruits and their relationships with those they come in contact with aged people.


Now that you at least have an outline for the career paths you may take with the Certificate IV in Disability, it may now be easier for you to envision and decide where you want to be. Make proper use of the information you have and start your career the right way!


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