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Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care: Course Duration and More

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The CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is Australia’s leading child care course, and it is the current minimum standard to be qualified in the child care industry.

As it is a standard being sought after by most Australians today, one of the most common question we get from aspiring learners is: How long does it take to study a Cert III in Child Care?

Learn more about Early Childhood Education and take advantage of the booming demand for Childcare workers. Align your study hours with your daily schedule to have a more convenient and stress-free set up as you pursue your studies.


I. Childcare Course Duration

The most effective and popular method of delivery is self-paced distance learning. This allows you to study at your own convenience, as you are in control of your pace. You have 12 months from commencement to achieve all learning outcomes and assessments for the course.

The Cert III in Child Care is composed of 15 core units and 3 electives. Expect up to 1210 study hours depending on industry experience over 12 months (including vocational placement).

Inspire Education has adopted a “Clustered” approach to our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course. This means the course is divided into seven workbooks, instead of 18 separate units. With this, students will only have seven workbooks to submit to complete their course in childcare. Using this holistic approach, students are able to study at a better pace since information is not duplicated. This also gives them the opportunity to complete the course sooner for up to 12 months only — a shorter duration as compared to 2 years, coming from other training providers.

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II. What Will You Learn in Cert III ECE

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) will teach you the aspects on how to educate and care for babies, toddlers and children. You will learn how to ensure children’s health and safety, including promoting healthy eating, work effectively using learning and ethical frameworks, and support the physical and emotional wellbeing of a child.

Additionally, you will learn how to provide experiences of play while learning to support children’s development among a range of other excellent child care and work-based skills.

The Cert III in ECE will teach you how to become a competent and skilled child care worker, ready to work in child care facilities and provide exceptional care and support to children.


III. Summary

The Certificate III in Child Care Education is delivered through self-paced distance learning. This allows you study in your own time and take the course in your own pace, so you can go about your studies with utmost convenience.

It takes 12 months for you to fully accomplish all course requirements from the Cert III in Childcare. Expect up to 1210 study hours as whole duration for studying the course.


If you have more questions regarding course duration, or about the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care course, simply click here and enquire now to get more details and latest updates.

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