Is Age Just a Number? 7 Secrets of Successful Adult Learners and Students

3 Comments   Posted: 05/02/16   by Luke Imbong

Is age just a number?

Wouldn’t it be great to start a career doing what you are passionate about by studying a training course and gain new skills? Sadly, many Australian adults today are scared of doing exactly that. They feel they are too old to study again and train for their dream job. If the biggest thing keeping you Read the full post

Australian Vocational Courses: ‘Dead as Dinosaurs’ or Still Relevant Today?

3 Comments   Posted: 20/11/15   by Brent Rogers

Australian Vocational Courses

Are Vocational Courses Still Relevant Today? A skilled workforce is critical for countries that want to avoid stagnation and create jobs to grow their economy. Australia has historically relied on vocational education and training to provide its workforce needs.  Recent changes in the Australian economy however have dramatically changed the landscape in terms in what Read the full post

What Human Resource Jobs and Careers are Growing in Australia?

0 Comments   Posted: 08/09/15   by Luke Imbong

Human Resources Courses and Jobs in Australia

Human Resources Course and Career Guide 2015 Human Resources Management is a thriving career and industry in Australia, but some job positions are growing much faster than others. Do you know which ones? Now you can find out, thanks to the Government’s latest employment research. The career path of HR professionals are very diverse and Read the full post

Latest Job Shortages in Melbourne and Victoria

0 Comments   Posted: 04/08/15   by Luke Imbong

Latest Job Shortages in Melbourne and Victoria

In Demand Jobs and Skills in Melbourne and Victoria Wouldn’t it be great to know which jobs are the most in demand in your area?  After all, having that information would make finding your new career much easier! Thanks to the latest employment survey data from the Australian Government you can do exactly that. Hiring Read the full post

5 Project Management Courses to Jump Start Your Career

0 Comments   Posted: 31/07/15   by Luke Imbong

Jump start Project Management Career

Top Project Management Courses in Australia Knowing how to coordinate people and a huge range of resources to meet a goal is a sought after skill in many Australian industries. Those who have it are called Project Managers and they can be found handling everything from public events, to product launches, to new building sites. Read the full post

Latest Job Shortages in Brisbane and Queensland

0 Comments   Posted: 26/06/15   by Luke Imbong

Latest job shortages in brisbane and queensland

In Demand Jobs in Brisbane and Queensland Are you looking for new career and job opportunities in Brisbane and Queensland? Wouldn’t it be great if you can find out which jobs are the most in demand across the state? Thanks to the latest employment research, now you can. Employers in Brisbane and other regions are Read the full post

Latest Job Shortages in Sydney and New South Wales

6 Comments   Posted: 10/06/15   by Luke Imbong

Latest Job Shortages-in-Sydney and New South Wales

In Demand Jobs in Sydney and New South Wales Are you looking for new career opportunities in Sydney and New South Wales? Why not get into an industry that is struggling to find enough employees? If you don’t know where to begin your search for these in demand jobs, don’t worry! The Australian Government has Read the full post

How to Become a Corporate Workplace Trainer

2 Comments   Posted: 27/04/15   by Luke Imbong

Corporate and Workplace Trainers Many Australian organisations strive to keep their employees sharp and up to date with their skills. After all, the performance of a company depends on how well their staff do their jobs. Here is where corporate trainers enter. They are the ones who make sure business have what they need to Read the full post

Infographic: 7 Fast Growing Jobs and Careers for Australians

0 Comments   Posted: 24/04/15   by Luke Imbong

Before you get into a new job or career, you should know about which ones are expected to experience high growth over the next 3 years. Learn how you can get into these growing careers by checking out the article, “7 Fast Growing Careers Every Australian Job Seeker Should Know“. Share this infographic on your Read the full post

Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Tips for Aged Care Workers

33 Comments   Posted: 01/04/15   by Luke Imbong

So you’ve completed your aged care course, what’s next? It’s time to put your skills to good use. Whether you’re applying for a position in an aged care facility, community center or as a home carer, you’ll notice that the major requirements are the same. You’ll need to submit a resume together with a cover Read the full post

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