Can I get RPL for my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Course?

Can I get RPL for my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Course?

RPL Guide for Cert IV TAE

Staying up to date is essential if you’re a qualified trainer or assessor in Australia. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to do.

One of the most common questions students of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment ask our trainers is “Can I apply for RPL?” along with “How much RPL can I get?” and “What do I need to show?”.

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. It’s what we call the assessment process of checking whether or not your previous experiences and professional development can be counted towards a new qualification. This basically allows you to reduce the course units you have to study for your online training.


Can I apply for RPL with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

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RPL depends a lot on each person’s experiences — did you have any formal training? Do you hold any accredited courses/any nationally recognised qualification? Did you complete workplace training previously? If you have or been able to do any of these, then they may be considered as valid experiences in which you may be deemed competent.

Also, if you answer YES to at least one question below, it’s a good idea to enquire right away and check with our RPL Training and Assessment assessor. When you’re enrolled, you’ll get your own RPL Kit with a step-by-step guide to the entire RPL process.

  1. Do you hold a qualification like the BSZ40198 or the TAA40104?
  2. Do you have a related university degree or diploma (e.g. Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma of Education, Master of Teaching, etc)?
  3. Are you working as a Corporate Trainer or Teacher?
  4. Have you delivered courses at a registered training organisation (RTO)?
  5. Do you have experience in designing training programs or course curriculums?
  6. Is facilitating training sessions part of your work responsibilities?
  7. Have you assessed learners before on their skill competency?

After you enquire on the Cert IV TAE course page, our Enrolment Coordinators or RPL Assessor will be in contact and work with you to see if you can skip specific units.

There’s no guarantee, but it’s always good to let them know about your relevant experiences — which is the first step for aspiring successful rpl applicants.


How many units can I get credited for RPL?

How much RPL you can get varies from person to person. This depends on which units you have experience in and the evidence you give, but all 10 units are open for RPL. These are:

  • TAEDES401A – Design and develop learning programs
  • TAEDES402A – Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
  • TAEDEL401A – Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
  • TAEDEL402A – Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
  • TAEASS401B – Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402B – Assess competence
  • TAEASS403B – Participate in assessment validation
  • TAEASS301B – Contribute to assessment
  • TAEDEL301A – Provide work skill instruction
  • BSBCMM401A – Make a presentation

It’s hard to give an exact number of many you can get, but there are some common RPL results. Remember, these still depend on the evidence you provide:

For holders of the BSZ40198 or the TAA40104:

If you’ve taken up a previous version of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and sent us a copy as proof, you can get RPL for the majority of the course units.

This is done through the BSZ Upgrade for BSZ40198 holders and the TAA Upgrade for TAA40104 holders. To get either of these upgrades, you also need to show that you have actually been applying them in your recent work.

For qualified school Teachers:

You may be eligible for the Fast Track for Teachers that gives you RPL units for the delivery cluster if you have a teaching qualification.

This includes Bachelor-qualified early childhood educators, the Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma of Education and Master of Teaching.

For holders of other qualifications:

All other qualifications you hold need to be mapped out by an RPL Assessor via assessment tools to see if they are valid.

RPL is granted for qualifications that cover similar skills as the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

For professionals and workers who have training duties and responsibilities:

Training and assessing in the workplace is one of the core skills of the Cert IV TAE, but the specific units you can RPL vary greatly. We first have to know what your job and responsibilities are before being given credit.

These can range from assessment tasks, training/teaching etc.

For holders of university degrees and diplomas:

Learning outcomes of bachelor or university degrees are usually very different from the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, which is in the Vocational Education and Training sector.

Having a university background is very helpful to complete the course, but direct RPL credit can only be determined after you provide evidence.


What do I need to show?

rpl training and assessment requirements for formal training

RPL decisions are based on concrete evidence to make sure that your qualification meets current standards. The evidence you give will be used to check if your skills and knowledge are up to date.

Examples are:

  • Copies of your qualifications, certificates, course transcripts, and statements of attainment
  • References from your current and previous workplace and clients
  • Samples like reports, presentations, and articles you made
  • Documentation of your previous learners, training sessions, and assessments



rpl training and assessment validation team

Recognition of Prior Learning is a very useful tool to gain your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

If you have an older BSZ40198 or TAA40104 qualification, simply upgrade to the new version. If you are a Teacher, Corporate Trainer or in a similar role, it’s best to speak with an RPL Assessor by signing up for an info pack on the latest TAE40110 course page.

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