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7 Business Administration Skills Employers are Looking for

With the modern office’s standard of the daily grind, it is best to assume that employers would be keen to have employees with exceptional business administration skills.

If you’re someone who’s looking to take on a career in business administration, have you ever wondered just what those skills are?

Worry no more, as this blog lays down the top business administration skills employers look for.

Take note and assess if you already have some or even all of them!

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I. Sharp Communication Skills

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Are you able to answer emails, phone calls, or face to face enquiries in a polite and professional manner? Are you able to provide feedback to employees and co-workers in a tone that is both constructive and non-accusatory?

If you are capable of such things, then you do have sharp communication skills — a top tier skill that is highly valued in today’s workplace.

Being able to communicate well in various ways and platforms is absolutely something that can get the attention of most employers.

In order to get things moving, constant communication is required.

Employers would hate to see tasks or projects not pushing through all because of a simple miscommunication between their employees.


II. Technological Skills

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How well are you versed with the latest tools and apps required to do your job efficiently? Are you Microsoft Office savvy? Are you aware of the latest trends and updates surrounding the tech you use?

These are some of the questions you need to have “yes” as an answer to be able to consider yourself a “techie” and work efficiently in the workplace.

Being technologically savvy is a skill that can truly help you become a polished business admin professional.

Since most workplaces these days are expected to make use of the latest technologies in order to gain the edge over competitors, the skill to make use and make the most out of these resources can greatly help the business.


III. Fine Attention to Detail

woman with magnifying glass displaying attention to detail as business administration skill

Employers tend to value employees who have a detail-oriented outlook.

Employees who have fine attention to detail have a high chance of getting tedious work done with little to no errors or issues — something every boss or manager would be delighted to have.

Having a keen eye also means you are more likely to spot errors in documents, or notice the slightest errors in a presentation.


IV. Excellent Written Skills

female employee showing off business administration skills in writing

We may live in a digital world, but it’s still highly important to have excellent written skills.

If you can compose emails, text messages, social media posts, important business documents or other written communication quickly with little to no error or issues at all, your employer will value you even more than they already do.


V. Impeccable Time Management Skills

time management concept for business administration skills

Time management is without a doubt a key business administration skill to possess.

Being timely in every task you do is a mark of a tidy and organised employee — something your employer will surely like about you.

You will also be able to finish tasks on time, and have more time to accomplish more!


VI. Superior Problem-Solving Skills

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Problems and issues do come up from time to time.

If you can pitch in a well-crafted solution that can help the situation, your employers will value you for it.

They may even ask for your opinions and consult with you when problems or issues arise in the future.

This is one of the business administration skills that also comes in handy on a daily basis, as each day will present problems — either big or small and will need problem-solving.


VII. Thorough Research Skills

3 business administrators showcasing research skills

The internet will always provide you with information on absolutely everything.

However, can you distinguish between fake news, mindless chatter on social media, and the content that really matters?

Having the skill to do so is considered one of the valuable business administration skills you must have.

It will easily spell the difference between you having reliable info for your team, or just having rubbish data.

Do you wish to have these skills and become a qualified business administrator?

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