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Biggest Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid

One of the biggest moments of your career is actually your job interview. It’s where your journey starts at whatever career path you chose to take on.

With that being said, you are expected to make a good impression and impress your employer during your interview.

However, there are a few interview mistakes that most people commit that are often times deal breakers for most employers.

You’re most likely jeopardizing your chances of getting employed if you find yourself committing these mistakes.

Read on and find out the biggest interview mistakes you must avoid and be well prepared when you go for your interview!


Arriving Late

corporate man running late for job interview

Imagine already displaying something negative, even before the interview itself starts. Not how you want to start, right?

Arriving late to your interview can signal to your employer/interviewer that you don’t value their time.

This also shows what kind of an employee you ought to be — imagine being late on your very first appearance. What more can they expect from you as a regular employee?

To avoid this embarrassing and disrespectful interview mistake, figure out how you’ll get to your interview the day before. Know your exact route and your ETA — this will give you enough insight on how long your travel time might be and how much time allowance you can give yourself.

To be safe, always allow at least 30 minutes of extra time allowance. This means if you know your exact travel time is about an hour, leave at least 30 minutes earlier.

This gives you enough time to deal with unexpected turns along the way (unexpected heavy traffic, detours, etc.).


Dressing Down/Wearing Inappropriate Attire

essentials for job interview attire

Dressing appropriately can give you a huge boost in terms of your image. Remember, your interview is largely about making a good enough impression to your employer/interviewer. Of course, your actual qualification is also largely considered.

How you dress is one of the most direct ways you can communicate your personality to your interviewer.

Having a lousy and unpleasant outfit on your “big day” can speak volumes of your hygiene, manners, and overall character.

Some companies may be more lenient with this. Especially if it’s not on a corporate setting. But for most companies and businesses, corporate attire is almost the go-to.

One way to avoid dressing down for your interview day is to prepare what you wish to wear the night before. Plan out from top to button — would you rock a tie or go for much more relaxed fit? Khaki’s or black slacks? Time to bring out the shirt you’ve been saving for a special occasion?

Consider your options and try to fit them, it won’t hurt trying them on just to see and feel if it’s the look that’ll get you your future career.


Not Asking Questions

man with question mark on forehead

After the interview ends, the interviewer will most likely ask if you have any questions. Think long and hard before you say “no”.

Saying “no” can mean heaps of things. It could mean that you understand everything and already know what to do, is familiar with the next steps, and is the perfect candidate for the job. Sounds good, huh?

Well, more often than not, this wouldn’t be the case. There will be something about the company that you’ve been meaning to ask about, a detail that you might have missed during the interview or a question about the next steps of your application.

Whatever it may be, make it so that you ask a question. It also signals to the interviewer that you’re really interested in the position and would want to know more.

Plus, depending on how you ask the question and the nature of the question itself, it can also reflect your intelligence and communication skills.

To avoid this interview mistake, you can prepare a set of questions that you think might come in handy. Sometimes it may be hard to ask the right questions, so coming into the interview with a ready set of questions can be extremely beneficial.


Letting Your Nerves Get the Better of You

corporate woman showing signs of nervousness

It’s normal to be nervous during your interview — but let it take over you. Even the smartest, most effective communicators crumble when they let their nerves get to them.

Try to do a mock interview with yourself. Do this a day before, or even hours before your interview. This helps calm you down, practice certain situations or questions that you think are a bit difficult for you.

Just remember to be yourself and be confident. Remember the reason why you’re applying — you’re qualified for the job and your employer needs to see that. It would be a bit difficult for the interviewer to do so if your confidence is hidden by your nervousness.

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