BAS Agent Courses

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BAS Agent Courses

BAS Agent Education and Training

Getting the education and training to register as a BAS agent is a huge step forward in the career of bookkeepers. “Doing the BAS” is one of the vital reasons many small businesses need a bookkeeper. BAS agent qualifications and registration allows you to provide BAS services through your own contract bookkeeping business.

BAS tasks are typically the most valuable services you can provide as a bookkeeper. The extra skills and experience it requires demands higher rates than simpler tasks like data entry. BAS qualification and registration also creates opportunities to apply for new jobs or promotion, and be a more valuable member of a larger bookkeeping practice.

BAS Agent Courses

If you are seeking registration, it’s likely you need some additional training and BAS courses to fulfil the education requirements. Currently, the minimum training requirements for BAS agent registration are:

Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping OR Diploma in Accounting

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Both courses will teach you to prepare financial reports, create business documents, participate in work health and safety, setup and operate a computerised accounting system (MYOB), carry out business activity and instalment activity statement tasks, practice professionally in the financial services industry, perform financial calculations, maintain inventory records, develop and use complex spreadsheets, and establish and maintain a payroll system.

TPB Approved BAS Courses in GST and BAS principles

The Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Cert IV in Accounting fulfills the training requirements to be a BAS agentBAS registration requires you to complete Tax Practitioner Board approved courses in GST and BAS principles. Inspire Education’s Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting courses include, by default, units that fulfil these requirements:

These units each include an online invigilated test administered by a third party to ensure they meet the Tax Practitioners Board requirement that ‘at least 40% of assessment is achieved through an independently supervised test/exam’.

Simply completing either of the Certificate IV or Diploma course will fulfil all the BAS registration education and training requirements**!

Certification Program

Want to get an extra qualification and develop additional knowledge and skills valued by employers and clients? Either certificate course will fulfil the BAS agent registration requirements (monitored exams are required which are optional in our courses), but each one also has some unique features:

  • • The Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping will also train you to process financial transactions and extract interim reports, make decisions within the accounting code of conduct and prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities.
  •  Diploma of Accounting will help you develop a broad range of accounting skills. These skills are valued by prospective employers across all industry sectors and can be used in a huge range of professional accounting roles.

Why choose between them? The combined certificate program allows you to get both qualifications straight up at a special discounted rate. You could get the second certificate later but you have to go through the RPL process and do extra work.

Enrolling in both certificates straight up streamlines the process and saves you money. There are ten common units and three unique to each qualification. That means you can get the second certificate with just three (3) extra units. You’ll have a broader range of skills and the best foundation for continuing your education with the Diploma of Accounting!

Recognition of Prior Learning

Study the Cert IV in Bookkeeping and Cert IV in Accounting with Inspire for discountsIt makes no sense to ignore your hard-earned experience and all the training you’ve done over the years. So we don’t. Recognition of prior learning is available for all our courses, including the Certificate IV in Accounting and Certificate IV in Bookkeeping.

We do need you to provide evidence of your achievements and each case is assessed on its own merits. Unfortunately, we can’t just take your word for it. We know the overwhelming majority of people are honest, but there would inevitably be some people who would exploit the system.

If people are awarded a certificate without the skills and knowledge it requires, it reduces the value and respectability of your new qualification. We take RPL seriously so your qualifications continue to be highly valued in the financial services industry and your clients will have confidence in your training.

If you are applying for RPL, you will still need to complete the online tests for the BAS/GST principles units, TPB401 and TPB402. The tests are required to meet the Tax Practitioner Board’s standards of training for BAS registration which are optional in our courses.

Now it’s time to start your BAS Agent training!

There is no time like the present to get started!

You’ll have 12 months to complete your course through online learning. Online is ideal for just about everyone, allowing ultimate flexibility in when and where you study. Blast through the course as quick as you can or do a little, often? Study at home, on the go, before/during/after work? It’s your choice!

All the assessment workbooks and explanatory learner guides you need are provided; you will have full trainer support, access to webinars, online forums and other useful resources. Enrol in one of our BAS-eligible courses today and fast-track your BAS training in one easy package!

**Undertaking a supervised TPB exam is also required

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