Au Pair Australia: Working In The Netherlands!

Au Pair Australia: Working In The Netherlands!

Live and Work in the Netherlands by Becoming an Au Pair!

Living in the Netherlands as an au pair will provide awesome benefits and life enriching experiences!

While the countries national language is Dutch, around 86% of all nationals are English speakers, (many of these residing in Amsterdam), which means au pairs from an English speaking country will feel right at home! Additionally, with the Netherlands being one of Europe’s most central countries, there is huge potential for travel with neighbouring cities only hours away!

Financial Allowance and Working Hours for Au Pairs in The Netherlands

When working as an au pair, health and liability insurance is generally covered by the host family and the average allowance is around EUR300-350 per month. In the Netherlands, au pair working hours are determined by strict legislation to include:

• A maximum of 8 working hours per day (babysitting included)
• A maximum of 30 hours total per week
• Hours to be spread evenly across a five day week
• Evenings to be capped to a maximum of 3 per week

Hours of work are generally negotiated on an individual basis, meaning many families are flexible to your requirements. Also, with restricted hours, au pairs can be assured that there will be plenty of free time to explore their new home town!

Take up a Child Care course and work abroad in the Netherlands!

Are you heading to the Netherlands to Au pair? Don’t forget to check out the famous tulip fields – the most in demand colour of the flower in the Netherlands is red!

Au pair and the Netherlands: Accommodation and Rent

Au pairs are expected to participate in family life (and are treated as a family member). Because of this, board/rent/lodging is provided free of charge in-conjunction with the monthly monetary allowance.

Generally, au pairs will have their own private room along with all meals provided. These benefits (board and food) extend to cover both holiday and sick leave.

Free Time and Holidays for Au Pairs

Free time and holiday arrangements are usually arranged between the individual and host family, but as a rule of thumb, for every 12 months of employment, au pairs are entitled to a two week holiday. Free time is outlined in the working hour’s legislation and includes:

• A minimum 2 days off per week
• A minimum 2 evenings off per week
• A minimum of one whole weekend off per month

While free time varies greatly between host families and their requirements, au pairs must only maintain one employer at a time (meaning no weekend jobs!).

Au Pair Criteria – What is Required?

Thinking of au pairing? If you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions then the Netherlands is waiting for you!

• Are you aged between 18 and 25 years?
• Are you unmarried?
• Are you without children?
• Do you understand basic Dutch?
• Is this your first time applying for a residence permit in the Netherlands?
• Do you plan to stay working between 3 and 12 months?

N.B. Au pairs in the Netherlands will have the option to participate in a language course provided by the host family.

Have you worked abroad as an au pair before? Do you have any tips or tricks for those looking for child care opportunities with a host family? Let us know in a comment below!

Au pair work destinations include France, Germany, Belgium, and Austria.

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