Au Pair Australia: Working In Austria!

Au Pair Australia: Working In Austria!

Know These Before Becoming an Au Pair and Working in Austria

While the official language of Austria is German, almost 75% of the country’s 8.5 million-strong population are fluent in English – making transitioning to a new life in this central European country easy!

Austria has an extremely stable political environment and high standard of living and with countries like Switzerland, Germany and Italy only a short train ride away, it’s no wonder the country is such a popular destination!

Austria also has some of the world’s best ski fields and offers a variety of summer activities in the Alps, like golf, biking and hiking – meaning au pairs will always have something to do!

Financial Allowance and Working Hours for Au Pairs in Austria

Au pairs working in Austria can expect a monthly salary to be around EUR380, which represents 20 hours of work per week. For every 12 months of placement completed, an additional three months’ salary will also be payable.

Austria has no specific regulations surrounding working hours, but as a rule of thumb, au pairs:

• Are entitled to a minimum of one full day off per week
• Will generally work between 20-25 hours per week


Austria’s capital, Vienna, is a hugely popular au pair destination!

Austrian Au Pair: Accommodation and Rent

Austrian au pairs have specific entitlements during their period of employment, including access to a room that is:

• Free (included in the au pair contract)
• Private
• Heat-able
• Lockable
• Windowed
• A minimum of 9 square meters in size

As well as unlimited and free access to food and family meals throughout their contract, illness and holiday leave.

Free Time and Holidays For Au Pairs

On average, au pairs are required to assist their Austrian host family with childcare duties for around 20 hours each week. Au pairs might also participate in light housework (this depends on the specifics of each employment agreement).

With regards to holidays, au pairs are entitled to 30 days paid leave as well as a minimum of one day off per week. For unused holiday time, compensation is available and these arrangements can be adjusted accordingly for shorter contracts (i.e. 6 month terms).

N.B. There is usually an option available to participate in a language course, of which half the costs are covered by the host family.

Have you worked abroad as an au pair before? Do you have any tips or tricks for those looking for child care opportunities with a host family? Let us know in a comment below!

For further information on overseas Au pair locations, visit Au Pair World.

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