Au Pair Australia – Become An Au Pair

Au Pair Australia – Become An Au Pair

• Are you a recent school leaver?
• Are you interested in short term study options?
• Do you enjoy caring for children? 
• Do you wish to improve your foreign language skills?
• Are you looking for a new career path that allows you to travel and experience a new culture?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, then a career as an Au Pair may be for you!!

Read these FAQs First Before You Become an Au Pair

What Is An Au Pair
and Host Family?

Generally, an Au Pair is a person aged 18-30, who is not married and without children, and lives abroad temporarily with a host family. Au Pairs engage in childcare services and general housework for the family. A host family is a family with at least one child aged under eighteen years old. Single parents can also be host families as long as their child or children have permanent residence with them.

Host families are required to have a spare room available for the Au Pair and have the financial capacity to pay for the Au Pair’s allowance, insurance and ‘rent’. If the host family speaks a different language to the Au Pairs native language, they should give the Au Pair an opportunity to participate in a language course during the stay.

Child care workers are eligible to apply to become an Au Pair

What Work Does An Au Pair Do?

An Au Pair is responsible for childcare, light housework and language exchange. An Au Pairs tasks may include preparation of children’s meals, tidying the children’s rooms, transportation of children to school and extracurricular activities, assisting with homework and educational development and washing and ironing of family clothes.

As An Au Pair, What Will I Be Paid?

Au Pairs are generally paid ‘pocket money’ and live rent-free with as a family member sharing in meals, holidays and family activities. Financial allowance, length of contract and weekly work expectation differs between host families and host countries. The pay scale for international Au Pairs working in the U.S. is between USD195-250 per week and the UK between GBP65-80.


What Is An Example Week In The Life Of An Au Pair?

In the UK, the typical week of an Au Pair would be:
• 5 hours’ work per day
• 5 days’ work per week
• Babysitting 2-3 evenings per week
• Receives 2 free days and evenings off

How Can I Become an Au Pair?

There is the option to source an Au Pair or working visa and host family alone, or find an Au Pair position through an agency. While use of an agency may incorporate higher costs, many offer visa assistance, screening of potential host families and internet chat meet and greets to ensure the placement is most suitable to your needs.

Agency Au Pair requirements for the USA can include: 

• Previous childcare experience or training
• Aged between 18 and 26 years 
• High school certificate
• English proficiency
• No criminal record
• Good health
• Commitment to a 12 month position.

Au Pair Training – Child Care Courses

Have you got previous childcare experience or training? If not, completing a child care course qualification may be a great way to increase your chances of finding Au Pair work. Additionally, in many countries financial allowances correspond with the Au Pairs education, so completing a training course now is a great way to ensure your finances in the future!

The child care course ‘Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care‘ is a Nationally Accredited and Nationally Recognised qualification. During the course students’ complete a placement, which allows for work place experience AND as the course satisfies the Australian child care industry standard. It can be used to gain employment in Australia as a Child Care Assistant, Playgroup Supervisor, Family Day Care Worker, Mobile Childcare Assistant or Nanny.

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