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Why Aged Care Jobs are the Future of Employment

Australia’s population is quickly ageing – at a rate in which the demand for quality aged care has seen a huge uptick in recent years. With this, the demand for aged care workers will soar, just to keep up with the increasing ageing population.

Like most developed countries, Australia’s overall population is ageing as a result of increased life expectancy.

Advancements in healthcare have contributed to the increased life expectancy among Australians. Longer lives would mean that the public will be in need of healthcare and ageing facilities much longer.

Healthcare and aged care jobs will definitely increase — which is good news for aspiring aged care workers, or even to established aged care professionals looking for opportunities for career growth.

To illustrate how Australia’s population has changed by the numbers throughout the years (1999 to 2019), here is a population pyramid from the Australian Demographic Statics:

According to the data above, there is an increase in people aged 65 and above from 1999 to 2019 in Australia. So as the numbers suggest, the overall population does indeed continue to age as the years go by, as people generally live longer.

If the same trend continues, then it is expected that Australia will have unprecedented growth in the number of elderly people in the next decade alone.

Which means on that time span, more aged care jobs will be made available, and more aged care professionals will be required.


Australia’s Current Workforce is Also Ageing

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With the population ageing, it is also worthy to note that the current workforce is also ageing.

As of today, the median age of an Australian is 37.3 and the median age of someone in the workforce is 40. Although, the number varies across sectors.

For example, the median age in the retail sector is 33.4. And then you have 37.3 in finance, 38.5 in construction, and 42.1 in education.

However, in the aged care sector, the ageing workforce is even more evident and pronounced, as the median age for residential care workers is at 48 and community care workers at 50!

Because of the high median age of an employee in the aged care sector, half of the aged care workforce will be in retirement age in a span of 15 years — all the more reason for aspiring aged care workers to look for aged care jobs.

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Studying an Aged Care Qualification: The Best Time is Now!

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With Australia’s ageing population and workforce, now is the best time to study an aged care course and get qualified for aged care jobs all around Australia!

If you are genuinely passionate about looking after the elderly and is keen to provide support and care for the ageing members of the society, then becoming an aged care worker might be the best career move for you!

The Certificate IV in Ageing Support will help and enable you to empower the elderly, and prepare you to become a competent aged care worker.

Future-proof your career in the ageing sector — all while fulfilling your passion to care for the senior members of our society!

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