Payroll Clerk Job Description

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What is the Job Description of a Payroll Clerk?

Part two of our accountant job description series will examine the role of the Payroll Clerk. A Payroll Clerk ensures that all employees get paid; accurately and on time. The duties performed by a Payroll Clerk are essential in just about every organisation with employees. This means a Payroll Clerk can find work in many Read the full post

Accounting & Bookkeeping Job Descriptions

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By William Cowie You might be interested in doing the Certificate IV in Accounting or Certificate IV in Bookkeeping course. As you should be! They’re great courses for formalising the financial services skills you’ve learnt on the job, or developing your abilities as an accountant or bookkeeper after completing a Certificate III in Accounts Administration, or Read the full post

Accounts Receivable Clerk Job Description

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What does an Accounts Receivable Clerk do?

What does an Accounts Receivable Clerk do? Today we’ll look at the job description of an Accounts Receivable Clerk position. The primary role of an Accounts Receivable Clerk is to provide financial, clerical and administrative services in order to ensure that you make timely, efficient and accurate receipt of payments in the accounts under your Read the full post

QuickBooks and MYOB – Which Is Best?

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QuickBooks or MYOB: Which Accounting Software should You Use?

Quickbooks vs MYOB Accounting software has developed considerable in complexity and power. Today an accounting software package like MYOB or QuickBooks is one of the most effective ways to manage the books of many small businesses and provide reporting functions previously only reserved for larger organisations with a dedicated accounting staff. High quality, accurate reports of Read the full post

How much will an accounting course cost you?

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How much will an accounting course cost you?

By William Cowie How Much Is An Accounting Course? Short answer: It varies. Long answer: It depends on where you study, how you study and what you study. Ok, so that wasn’t that much longer. Let’s take a few minutes and flesh that answer out a little more! Basic accounting courses   To learn basic Read the full post

Top 5 reports you can get from your accounting software

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Are you an accounting student or small business owner trying to learn the trade? Modern accounting programs can generate a huge number of reports with the push of a button. Knowing which reports to generate and when to generate them is a large part of the secret of success. These reports will help you succeed when you’re Read the full post

Accounting Apps

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These accounting Android apps are great in doing business as you go

Mobile apps for accounting Today, mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices are often more powerful than the personal computer you owned 10 years ago. Amazingly, they manage to pack all that processing power into a package one-tenth of the size of that computer! If you’ve got that much power to play with, it makes sense Read the full post

Famous Accounting Scandals

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Famous Accounting Scandals

Famous Accounting Scandals Accounting is often criticized as being a dry or boring profession. However, when done poorly or fraudulent practices are involved, accountancy sits at the heart of many of the most notorious business scandals and collapses in history. Within the last 10 years alone, many huge companies – often household names – have been guilty Read the full post

Accounting vs Bookkeeping

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What is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping?

What is Accounting and How is it Different from Bookkeeping? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines accounting as the system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions and analysing, verifying, and reporting the results. What this really means is accountants are responsible for selecting the most relevant and reliable financial information about a business entity, preparing reports Read the full post

Global Default Heading

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