What does an accountant do?

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What Does an Accountant Do? Enrol Now in an Accounting Course.

What is an accountant? Simply put, an accountant is a trained professional who is tasked with maintaining the accounts of a company. The accounts of a company are very important, since they are meant to be a reflection of the financial state of the organisation. They also have a number of different uses in reporting, Read the full post

Top 25 Accounting Blogs

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Top 25 Accounting Blogs To Help You With Your Accounting Course

Being an accountant is no easy task. After all, it’s not just about the numbers and preparing financial reports. Being an accountant also means complying with the current tax regulations, keeping up with the latest accounting software, managing inventory and payroll, and so much more. The financial services industry is constantly evolving, which is why Read the full post

How much will an accounting course cost you?

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How much will an accounting course cost?

Short answer: It varies. Long answer: It depends on what you study, where you study, and how you study. Ok, so that wasn’t that much longer. Let’s take a few minutes and flesh that answer out a little more! These are your study options with accounting: • Accounting short courses • Qualified accounting courses • Read the full post

Why accountants get the most confused…is it $3 – $2 or is it $2 – $3?

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woman calculating finances with calculator

This blog post was written by Sharon P. Sharon is an accounting trainer from Inspire Education and has been training accountancy students for 8 months, having 5 years of accounting experience under her belt. Her achievement of being an accountant was motivated by her desire to prove that anything is possible in this world, with or without an education. Read the full post

How to Claim Your Self Education Tax Deduction

0 Comments   Posted: 23/07/15   by Luke Imbong

Self Education Tax Deductions Guide Most people take up training courses to improve their skills or enhance their career, but did you know the benefits go beyond helping you at work? Thanks to the Australian tax laws for self-education, you may be able to claim tax deductions for the courses you’ve studied! If you are Read the full post

Tips from Centenarians: How to Live A Longer Life

0 Comments   Posted: 19/02/14   by Natalie Hoerner

What would you do if you lived past 100? It’s not too far a stretch to say that a lot of people want to live forever. Many spend their lives looking for the mystery cure to aging, the magical fountain of youth. But what if the answer is simpler than we all think? The Australia Read the full post

Bookkeeper fined $30,000 for acting as unregistered agent

0 Comments   Posted: 02/10/13   by William Cowie

BAS Agent Registration Procedure

A NSW man has been ordered to pay $30,000 in penalties by the Federal Court of Australia for breaches of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009. Despite not being a registered tax agent or BAS agent, the man represented himself to clients as a registered agent on numerous occasions. He also prepared and lodged 49 Read the full post

Tips For Keeping Your Student Credit Card In Check

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Tips For Keeping Your Student Credit Card In Check

With more than 15 million credit cards in circulation in Australia alone and an average spend of 21 million dollars per year across the nation; it’s safe to say that banking is big business. Statistics show the average card has just over a $3,300 balance, which can be a significant amount to pay off for Read the full post

Budgeting tips for students: studying and living on a low income

2 Comments   Posted: 27/06/13   by William Cowie

Tips for Living on a Student Budget

Tips for Living on a Student Budget 1. Set a budget You should know, at least roughly, how much money you earn every week. Work out how much you need to save each week, so you have something put away for emergencies. Deduct money you’re saving for fun stuff (holidays, new gadgets, etc). What you Read the full post

Studying? Claim your computer on tax!

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Learn how to get Tax Deductions for your Laptop and Desktop Computer

The end of the Financial Year means two things: sales and tax time. Did you know that you may be able to claim a number of study related expenses as tax deductions? Whether you’re studying to become a trainer with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a safety officer through the Certificate IV in Read the full post

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