A Day In My Life at School as an Education Support Aide

A Day In My Life at School as an Education Support Aide

This blog post was written by Laura M. Laura is an education support trainer from Inspire Education and has many years of experience training new teacher’s aides and working in educational facilities.

Education support work is a deeply humbling experience as you observe children learn and grow. I also think that I have learned much about myself more than I could ever imagine in supporting others to learn and grow.

Students will challenge every idea you have about the world, doing so on a daily basis and reminding you how far you have come along with how much there is still to learn about the human condition.

It’s All About Support And Being Equipped To Support At School

My five essential items for everyday: a hat, a water bottle, some lunch, a sense of humour and a wristwatch.

When I arrive at school, I report to the deputy principal and check my timetable before going to the resources room, which is where teachers record what resources they will need  to prepare for the day using clear and detailed instructions.teacher aide helping kids with the computer in a school library

At first bell, I go to class where I am supporting a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a student with English as an additional language on their class activities, which includes literacy, numeracy, and computer work.

Other parts of the day are meanwhile spent moving between classes and supporting students and teachers with a range of activities, including art, sport, music, and even dance lessons! (I have been known to play guitar and also bust some moves)

At lunch time, I normally have playground duty, so armed with my hat, water bottle and usually a smile I ‘patrol’ my designated area, ensuring that students are sitting down and eating their lunch and enjoy talking with the other students outside the classroom.

Teachers and students are always grateful for my time, and the progress you see in the students, as the year goes on, makes this job incredibly rewarding.

The School as a ‘Mini-World’ that Teachers Are In Charge Of

I recently had a discussion with a student about revenge. He said that he thinks if someone hits you, you should be able to hit them back. I said that’s not how it works. If someone hits you, you need to tell a teacher. He asked me why he couldn’t hit them back. I said because school trains you for the real world.teacher aide in the classroom with her students

When you are an adult, if someone hits you, you need to tell the police. If you hit them back, you will both be in trouble with the police. He thought about this for a while and finally he asked, “So teachers are like the police?” I said yes.

By helping him understand the way the world is structured, it helped me to reinforce my own values, beliefs, and ideas about the world. Therefore, education support work is an opportunity to assist children, as well as consolidate your own ideas about life and the world around you.

You will experience a unique circle of learning, which is full of insight, growth, and rewards.

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