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The 6 TED Talks You Must Watch Now

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Overtime and going home late is now a work health and safety issue

It’s a new year, and while I will do my best to avoid harping on about ‘resolutions’ a new year is always a great time to start fresh. I know I can’t help but feel I have a clean state, it’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself and focus on what you really want.

Well… to help inspire you and kick off 2014 here are a few of the best recent TED Talks. Whether you are a student; studying hard to reach your goals, or a professional just starting to think about what you want to accomplish over the next year, I have no doubt you will find these thoughtful, inspiring, and interesting.

These Are the TED Talks You Must Watch Now

Jane McGonigal – The game that gives your 10 more years of life

David Pogue – 10 time-Saving tech tips

Angela Lee Duckworth – The key to success

Amy Cuddy – How your body language shapes who you are

Shawn Achor – The happy secret to better work

David Gallo – Astonishing images from under the sea


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