5 Ways To Create A Healthy Workplace

5 Ways To Create A Healthy Workplace

For many workplaces across Australia, occupational health and safety (OH&S) as well as employee wellbeing is a number one priority. Proper health and safety procedure and OH&S Course Training not only reduce workplace accident and illness, but support and nurture a healthy working community and learning environment. Studies have shown that a healthy workplace benefits both employees and employers.

These are what you need to know about Creating a Healthier Workplace

Benefits of Work Health and Safety for Employees

  1. Reduces the risk of developing a life threatening disease or disability
  2. Reduces costs associated with work health and safety illness
  3. Reduces OH&S illness itself
  4. Develops an individuals knowledge and self-management skills
  5. Better OH&S increases job satisfaction and morale

Benefits of Work Health and Safety for Employers

  1. Employees state that work health and safety programs (or OH&S Course Training) reflects the degree of care an organisation has about its employees
  2. Increases employee productivity
  3. Increases employee absenteeism
  4. Lowers insurance and workers compensation costs
  5. OH&S improves the company’s public image

TOP TIP: A great day to keep in mind is the 2013 World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Due to more than 2.02 million deaths attributed to work-related illness every year, this year’s theme is the prevention of occupational diseases.

WHS Tip 1: Be Flexible With Hours

Being flexible with working hours is beneficial to both employer and employee. Flexibility could include:

  1. Allowing employees to have work from home days
  2. Allowing them to adjust start and finish times around personal commitments.

By encouraging flexibility in the work place, employees have the ability and freedom to attend medical appointments (particularly difficult to schedule for the nine-to-five workers) and other personal needs.

Get moving to increase health and safety in your workplace!

Get moving to increase health and safety in your workplace!

WHS Tip 2: Encourage Health

Encouraging health around the office can be easy. You might prefer the option of sending a weekly email or mini newsletter with some health tips OR you could put up nutritional posters around the staff room/kitchen.

A great idea is to include some healthy take away options nearby the office!

WHS Tip 3: Check Work Stations

Ensuring work stations comply with Work Health and Safety requirements should be on every human resource manager of OHS officer’s to-do list. If your workplace does not have an in-house safety officer, enlist in a qualified WHS assessor to make a visit and correct all employee chairs, computer screens, keyboards, mouses and general siting position and posture.

WHS Tip 4: Exercise At Work

A healthy employee is an engaged employee. If you’re looking for ideas to incorporate physical activity into day-to-day work, why not create a lunch-time walking team. The support of friends and social aspect is great for both general health and workplace team-building. Alternatively, if you are in a work place with stairs, take a morning and afternoon break to climb the stairs as a group!

WHS Tip 5: Sponsor Physical Activity

Get employees interested in local walks and fun runs, community work or team sport. By sponsoring teams you are raising money for fantastic charities and organisations and are supporting employee health and WHS.


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