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Australian Vocational Courses: ‘Dead as Dinosaurs’ or Still Relevant Today?

3 Comments   Posted: 20/11/15   by Brent Rogers

Australian Vocational Courses

Are Vocational Courses Still Relevant Today? A skilled workforce is critical for countries that want to avoid stagnation and create jobs to grow their economy. Australia has historically relied on vocational education and training to provide its workforce needs.  Recent changes in the Australian economy however have dramatically changed the landscape in terms in what Read the full post

Project Management Skills – Qualities Of A Project Manager Part 2

0 Comments   Posted: 20/05/13   by Brent Rogers

Project Management Skills – Qualities Of A Project Manager

Project Management Mistakes While many mistakes are made unintentionally, it is always best to be on the lookout for the following as they can directly impact your project majorly and sometimes even lead to its success or failure. Below is 2012’s worst project management mistakes! In NO particular order! Project Management Skills – Mistake #1 Read the full post

Origins of double-entry bookkeeping

0 Comments   Posted: 17/05/13   by Brent Rogers

How did double-entry bookkeeping start? The double entry bookkeeping system is a set of rules that are commonly used for recording financial information for a financial accounting system. Its origins can be traced back to Florence, Italy, around eight hundred years ago. Fragments of a Florentine banker’s account book, dated to 1211, are considered to Read the full post

NDIS Update 1st May 2013: Another step forward for the national disability insurance scheme

0 Comments   Posted: 01/05/13   by Brent Rogers

By William Cowie The National Disability Insurance Scheme May 1, 2013 Update Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced plans today to increase the Medicare levy by 0.5% in order to fund the new National Disability Insurance Scheme. The tax, which brings the Medicare levy to 2%, is expected to generate an additional $3.2 billion in revenue per Read the full post

Teaching English As A Second Language In Singapore

3 Comments   Posted: 30/04/13   by Brent Rogers

Want to teach English overseas? Why not try Inspire's TESOL Course!

Did You Know? Singapore is actually comprised of one main island and 63 mini islands surrounding it. TESOL Courses are a hugely popular training course for Australian’s as they offer a huge variety of opportunities like living and working abroad. TESOL Courses graduates are in-demand across the world and if a TESOL Course is something Read the full post

Getting Job and Work Experience in a Child Care Centre

10 Comments   Posted: 24/04/13   by Brent Rogers

Experience in Child Care Work is important in the industry

Hands-on work experience is essential to becoming a child care worker. When you do your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (the minimum qualification for working in a child care centre starting last 2014) you need to complete between 80 and 240 hours of workplace based experience in a registered child care centre. Read the full post

PROJECT MANAGERS! Why Project Management Training Is Important

0 Comments   Posted: 18/04/13   by Brent Rogers

Why Project Management Training Is Important

With new technologies in the constantly changing business environment, project manager’s roles are expanding by the minute. Project managers are faced with increasing client expectation and are, in many cases, a pivotal role within company growth. The many benefits associated with undertaking a project management course will be outlined below. So Why Is Project Management Read the full post

How much will a bookkeeping course cost you?

0 Comments   Posted: 17/04/13   by Brent Rogers

How much will a Bookkeeping course cost

By William Cowie How Much Is a Bookkeeping Course? Less than you might expect…or more? Read on! Bookkeeping, as you probably know, is a subset of accounting. It is best understood in the context of business: it IS the recording of financial transactions. These transactions can include purchases, sales, receipts and other payments made by Read the full post

How much will an accounting course cost you?

2 Comments   Posted: 17/04/13   by Brent Rogers

How much will an accounting course cost you?

By William Cowie How Much Is An Accounting Course? Short answer: It varies. Long answer: It depends on where you study, how you study and what you study. Ok, so that wasn’t that much longer. Let’s take a few minutes and flesh that answer out a little more! Basic accounting courses   To learn basic Read the full post

TESOL Course Students – Top 4 Travel Blogs!

2 Comments   Posted: 17/04/13   by Brent Rogers

  “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine For most TESOL certification students, part of the English teaching journey will include overseas travel. What better way to plan your trip than with the first-hand knowledge and advice of others? Get all the latest tips Read the full post

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