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Techniques to Improve your Time Management

0 Comments   Posted: 28/03/19   by Jao Tabuzo

A person with good time management skills can certainly get more work done, while also getting more time for leisure. After all, no one wants to work and work and not have the time to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Leisure and recreation are good for the mind and body. While your career will Read the full post

New Courses on Scope

0 Comments   Posted: 08/03/19   by Joshua

We are excited to announce that three (3) new courses have been added to our list! Inspire Education, having passed the most recent ASQA audit with full compliance, was also successful in its application for addition to scope for the Nationally Accredited courses listed below. You may click on the links to visit the course Read the full post

Fitness Careers: What are your Options?

0 Comments   Posted: 01/03/19   by Jao Tabuzo

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who’s really looking to get started on a fitness career, then it’s best to familiarise yourself with the career options available in the industry. General awareness on health and fitness has been booming over the years.  Now’s the best time to get going on a fitness career, as Read the full post


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