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9 Best Reasons To Work In Aged Care

0 Comments   Posted: 09/05/18   by Adrian

woman working at an aged care facility

Australia has an ageing population: the number of people 65 years and over is increasing while the number of young people have shrunk. It is estimated that in 2016, over 1 in 7 people were aged 65 and over, translating to 3.7 million Australians or 15% of the population, with that number expected to grow.   While this has presented Read the full post

Inspire Education Course Giveaway

0 Comments   Posted: 08/05/18   by Cheska Ruz

INSPIRE EDUCATION ONLINE COURSE GIVEAWAY Achieve one of your goals for the year by studying for the VET qualification you need! Now you have the chance to do it FOR FREE! We just launched the Inspire Education Online Course Giveaway on our Facebook page and we hope you’d join! You can be one of the ten lucky winners who will Read the full post

Inspire Education Course Giveaway Winners

0 Comments   Posted: 08/05/18   by Cheska Ruz


INSPIRE EDUCATION ONLINE COURSE GIVEAWAY! We are very pleased to announce the winners for the Inspire Education Course Giveaway! If you see your name below, congratulations you can now get qualified and jumpstart your dream career and enrol with Inspire Education! Here are the winners: – Jennifer Conolly – Sarbjit Pandher – Vincent Emodi – Read the full post


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