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Working in the Bookkeeping Industry – an Employer’s Perspective

0 Comments   Posted: 28/11/13   by Inspire Media

Tim from Books Onsite shares his experience as an employer in the bookkeeping industry

What’s it Like Working in the Bookkeeping Industry? Today Tim from Books Onsite shares his experience as an employer in the bookkeeping industry. When I started Books Onsite over 7 years ago there were no real regulations in place governing who could work as a bookkeeper. It was a real “cottage industry” and I was Read the full post

BAS Agent Courses

8 Comments   Posted: 22/11/13   by William Cowie

Know what courses to take to be a registered BAS agent

BAS Agent Education and Training Getting the education and training to register as a BAS agent is a huge step forward in the career of bookkeepers. “Doing the BAS” is one of the vital reasons many small businesses need a bookkeeper. BAS agent qualifications and registration allows you to provide BAS services through your own Read the full post

Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance in Australia

10 Comments   Posted: 06/11/13   by William Cowie

Find out what scholarships, grants, and study assistance you can get in Australia

National Scholarships, Grants, Awards and Study Assistance Australians are fortunate to enjoy a high level of scholarships, awards, grants and other support to achieve our educational goals. Knowing where and when you can apply for and claim these benefits isn’t always so easy. To help you find your scholarship, grant, award or other benefits, we’ve compiled Read the full post

Recovering from job loss

2 Comments   Posted: 06/11/13   by William Cowie

Recovering from job loss

Just experienced a job loss? You have our deepest sympathies. There are many reasons for job loss: firing, layoffs, redundancy, illness, injury, end of contract, business failure, or technological change to your industry. Natural disasters can wipe out a business or industry overnight. You might have had to quit due to personal circumstances or to Read the full post


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