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Technology is Essential in Aged Care

0 Comments   Posted: 17/04/13   by Brent Rogers

Aged Care providers are taking advantage of new technology

By William Cowie Here’s What You Need to Know About Technology in Aged Care Don’t be afraid of technology in aged care! Welcome students! You may be a technophobe or a technophile; either way, you’ll probably agree the rise of computers and other technology is almost undeniable. If you’re studying your aged care course online, you’ve probably Read the full post


0 Comments   Posted: 11/04/13   by Inspire Media


Top Tips on How to De-Stress Between study, work, family, and the daily chores of life, you might find you’re not taking time for yourself, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. Get the top tips for stress relief and managing stress as well as some great relaxation techniques below! Stress Relief Tip 1: Have A Hobby Read the full post

Six tips to win at studying

4 Comments   Posted: 02/04/13   by Inspire Media

By William Cowie Study takes commitment and focus – but there is no need to worry!  Make the challenging easy! Here are 6 Quick Tips to Make Sure YOU Win at Study: 1. Set yourself goals!   You’ve just enrolled in your course – you’re excited, you’re nervous, you want to get started! That first rush of energy Read the full post

4 Steps To Land Your Dream Job!

1 Comment   Posted: 02/04/13   by Inspire Media

4 Steps to Land Your Dream Job

Know These 4 Steps to Land Your Dream Job Whether you are currently looking for a job, planning a career switch or about to re-enter the workforce, finding a job can be achieved in 4 easy steps! Step 1 – Choose The Right Job Step 2 – Get Trained Step 3 – Review Your Resume Read the full post

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