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Is a career in childcare right for you?

2 Comments   Posted: 30/01/13   by Inspire Media

Is a career in childcare right for you?

Children are our most precious resource – they will grow up to be the artists, innovators, leaders, teachers and parents of tomorrow. Lifelong success, health and emotional well being are built on foundations laid down in early childhood. It has been shown that investing resources into supporting children in their first years of life has Read the full post

Congratulations on your Cert IV TAE and OHS Jamie!

2 Comments   Posted: 29/01/13   by Inspire Media

  We work hard here at Inspire Education to get the best results for our students, so we are incredibly gratified when a student lets us know just how much of a difference their training and qualifications have made to their life:  I would like to thank the Inspire team for their assistance and guidance Read the full post

Australian population projections – we’re getting old

0 Comments   Posted: 23/01/13   by Brent Rogers

Population demographics are known to alter over time, often due to changes in the social and economic conditions of each era. Australia’s population is no exception and current projections can read as interesting yet startling statistics. As of the time of writing in 2013, Australia’s population has reached nearly 22.9 million people. Based on a fertility Read the full post

The Complicated Issue of Child Care in Australia

1 Comment   Posted: 22/01/13   by Brent Rogers

The complicated issue of child care in Australia

What’s one of the Biggest Problems in Child Care Today? Child care is a hot topic in Australia at the moment. Increasing fees are putting pressure on families while child care providers are struggling to provide the level of care required for our children at an affordable price. Many people have been calling for the Read the full post

Vocational Education Graduate Career Prospects

0 Comments   Posted: 22/01/13   by Brent Rogers

Vocational Eduation Graduate Career Prospects

More than half of all Australians, at some stage in their life, will gain a vocational education and training qualification. While some people study for personal interest, the majority of those enrolled in a vocational training course are doing so to enter or progress in their careers. While we know education is important, many students Read the full post

Aged Care and Summer Heat

0 Comments   Posted: 21/01/13   by Brent Rogers

Aged Care and Summer Heat

Aged Care and Summer Heat – What’s the Connection? Australia’s Aging Population With an Australian summer in full swing, many people, particularly the elderly, are feeling the effects of high temperatures and a scorching sun. Older people are more vulnerable to the heat for a number of reasons. Their bodies do not adjust as well Read the full post

Exploring Australia’s Use of the Child Care System

0 Comments   Posted: 21/01/13   by Brent Rogers

Exploring Australia’s Use of the Child Care System

Child Care Use In Australia According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2008, Australia had approximately 1.5 million children aged 12 years or under in some kind of child care arrangement. About 750,000 attended formal care (government regulated care away from the child’s home, including long day care, family day care, before and/or after Read the full post

How to Choose a Vocational Training Course

0 Comments   Posted: 18/01/13   by Brent Rogers

Yesterday marked the release of Australian students High School Certificate results! In light of all this, my attention has turned to careers. Thousands of students and mature age applicants around the country have now received their offers for the 2013 intake and are hopefully on their way to the career of their dreams. However, for Read the full post

The Benefits of Staff Training for Organisations and Employees

0 Comments   Posted: 17/01/13   by Brent Rogers

Staff training benefits both organisations and employees

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the leading vocational qualification in Australia. It is the qualification to become a trainer and assessor in the industry. It is also highly regarded for people holding training roles within organisations, and is a great addition to a manager or HR professional’s skillset. Why would an organisation Read the full post

Australia’s Education System

0 Comments   Posted: 16/01/13   by Brent Rogers

Are you considering taking on full-time study? Or perhaps like many Australian’s you are returning to study after a long break. The great part about gaining a vocational education and training qualification is that it can not only give you a competitive advantage in the job market, but it will help you get on the Read the full post

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