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Resume Writing for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Student

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Resume Writing for the Job Seeker Upon completing your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or other Vocational Training and Assessment Course, many students ask the question… “Now what?” If you are not already employed, creating a standout resume is the best bet at giving you the edge in today tough job market. For your Read the full post

Learning Styles for Training and Education

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Learning Styles for Training and Education

Like many Australian’s undertaking vocational education and training, beginning or re-entering tertiary education can be daunting. To ensure your performance is your best, it is important to understand your preferred learning style. The three most common forms of learning in training courses are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. While most people learn through a combination of Read the full post

OHS Training: Construction Better than Hospitals

0 Comments   Posted: 09/08/12   by Brent Rogers

Health Sector More Unsafe than Construction Studies of more than 8 000 workers have proved that contrary to popular beliefs, nurses, doctors and community service workers across Australia feel less safe in the workplace than construction workers. Importance of OHS Training There are commonly held misconceptions about the types of hazards that can be considered Read the full post

FAQ: Inspire’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

4 Comments   Posted: 06/08/12   by Brent Rogers

FAQ: Inspire’s Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)

Like many Australians, you may be considering gaining or updating your skills through tertiary education. Undertaking Vocational Education and Training opens a field of employment opportunities for career seekers. To help you decide whether a Certificate or Diploma qualification is for you, I have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions with regards Read the full post


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