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Physical Activity or Sun Protection?

0 Comments   Posted: 07/07/10   by Brent Rogers

Physical Activity or Sun Protection?

There is an increasing dilemma for early childhood educators whereby on the one hand we are given the task of protecting children from their exposure to the sun, and on the other hand we are also encouraged to promote physical activity in order to offset the growing obesity problem which we are now witnessing in Read the full post

Children’s Responses to Separation and Parental Conflict

1 Comment   Posted: 05/07/10   by Brent Rogers

Parental separation and conflict has been a topical issue throughout many decades now, and it appears as if it is an area which the academics are now realizing is something which must be taken more seriously than previously thought. Through its prevalence and inherent risks, parental separation may fairly be regarded as a public health Read the full post

Updates for Licensing Changes and the Move Towards a National Quality Framework

0 Comments   Posted: 01/07/10   by Brent Rogers

During the week I attended a meeting held by the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care which is overseen by the Department of Education and Training. They are responsible for: Regulating and licensing ECEC services in Queensland Leading Queensland’s  input into the national early childhood reform agenda through the Council of Australian Governments(COAG) Working Read the full post


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