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Top Ten Study Tips and Techniques

2 Comments   Posted: 29/03/10   by Brent Rogers

Top 10 Study Tips and Techniques to Help You Study

This week I thought I would share with you some top study tips and techniques to assist you with getting yourself organized for the task of undertaking a course and meeting your assessment task goals. The thought of completing a course of study can be daunting if you are unsure of how to organize your Read the full post

Bullying and Racism in Childcare Centres

0 Comments   Posted: 29/03/10   by Inspire Media

Bullying and Racism in Childcare Centres

Bullying and Racism in a Childcare Setting Bullying and racism are deeply ingrained in many human societies. Where they once might have been tolerated, even encouraged, these values no longer mesh with the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society Australia enjoys today. Unfortunately, bullying and racism prevails in many parts of Australia today. Often it is very subtle Read the full post

Significant Changes to the Child Care Accreditation Process

0 Comments   Posted: 26/03/10   by Inspire Media

What are the Notable Changes to the Child Care Accreditation Process? Following on from my previous blog regarding the major changes within Australia for the child care sector, the National Childcare Accreditation Council announced some significant changes to the accreditation process in a media release. It stated that… “On 21 October 2009, at the National Read the full post

Child Care National Quality Framework

0 Comments   Posted: 22/03/10   by Inspire Media

What is the new National Quality Framework for Child Care? Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Children’s Services news blog. My name is Anne Lynch and I have taught children for 20 years. I thought I would start out in an official capacity, and include a portion of the letter I received from Kate Ellis (minister Read the full post


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