$200 Million Government Childcare Training Fund FAQ

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Childcare Training Fund FAQ

Inspire Education wants to help you take maximum advantage of the Long Day Care Professional Development Programme. To help you get the funding you need to help your long day care service flourish, we’ve created a free “Guide to Funding”. Download it now by clicking the blue button on the left side of the page.

In this guide you will discover:

  • Which services are eligible
  • Which members of staff are eligible
  • How much will you receive
  • What expenses and activities are included in funding
  • What expenses and activities are excluded from funding
  • Who decides how money is spent
  • How to apply
  • Where to apply
  • When to apply
  • When you will receive funding
  • Other essential dates
  • Useful sources and resources

The Long Day Care Professional Development Programme (LDCPDP) will provide funding to help early childhood educators to fulfill their training and skills development needs. Ultimately, this fund is intended to improve standards of practice and ensure quality care outcomes for children attending long day care services.

Eligible services can claim up to:

• $3750 for each Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff member
• $4100 for each Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff member in outer regional centres
• $4400 for each Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff member in remote and very remote areas
• An additional $2300 per early-childhood teacher your service employs, regardless of location.

There is only a short window of opportunity to apply for funding. Applications open 19th May 2014 and close 5pm AEST 13th June 2014. Get in quick!

If you work in, manage or own a long day care service, now is the time to discuss training and professional development plans.

Why invest in professional development and training?

With the government providing a considerable training and development allowance for each full time equivalent educator in your service, this one of the best times ever to develop your team. It will still cost you time, effort and money to facilitate professional development and training, so why should you invest in developing your workforce?

Productivity and Efficiency

Professional development is an opportunity to discover and learn new ideas and technique that can revolutionise efficiency and productivity for your business.

Engage and Motivate Your Team

Training challenges people, expands their limits, keeps them interested, offers the thrill of success and has a positive knock-on effect for morale. Ultimately, it can have a positive effect on your staff retention rates.

Develop Organisational “Depth”

It’s incredibly frustrating when your service grinds to a halt because a key person is away sick or on leave. Develop a team of trained educators so you have backups for each role in your service to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Consistency and Quality of Service

Use this funding to establish a high standard of training and service at your organisation. Beyond the essential childcare Diploma, you can develop your workforce with professional work health and safety skills, professional training skills and advanced first aid training. Ensure your service provides consistent service, but also the highest quality of service.

Free Up Management Time

A highly trained workforce can take on extra responsibilities and keep your service operating smoothly even when managers aren’t there. Your team can spot opportunities and develop solutions you never would have thought of or seen on your own. Providing training and structure will allow you to delegate responsibility, freeing up management to focus on other activities.

Develop Your Reputation as a Great Employer

This is the perfect opportunity to help your employees develop and grow, allowing you to promote from within and reward loyal and talented employees with career advancement. In an industry struggling with employee retention, an opportunity to keep talented people in your organisation should be pursued.

For more ideas, take a look at 7 Reasons for Childcare Workers to Invest in Professional Development.


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