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TAE40116 Course VS TAE40110 – Higher Cert IV TAE Requirements?

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TAE40116 Course Requirements

The latest Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116) is now out, but many Australians still have questions about this new course.

One of the most common questions we get is,

“How much more work will I need to do in the new Cert IV TAE course?” and “Can I still study the TAE40110 today?”

Many Australians who are looking to get qualified in training are wondering what changed, and whether they should study the TAE40110, or wait for TAE40116 online or face to face courses to be more widely available.  

Many of them are aware that the TAE40116 is a more complex course with stricter entry requirements and heavier workload for students, but only a few know the specific requirements that were added, and how much more work it will take.

Here’s what you should know about the new Certificate IV Training and Assessment:

I. How much more work will learners be required to do if they study the TAE40116?

Many requirements were introduced in the new Cert IV TAE, for both online courses and face to face courses. Note that specific requirements may vary depending on your training provider. Please visit for a list of providers approved to deliver the new TAE40116 course. 

The biggest changes in the TAE40116 that will increase the study workload for students are:

Course Requirement  Workload now for the TAE40110 Heavier Workload for the TAE40116
Develop assessment tools (new TAEASS502 unit) Not required Develop 3 assessment tools and address at least 1 unit of competency each
Customise learning resources for Language, Literacy, and Numeracy requirements (new TAELLN411 unit) Not required Customise and use at least 2 learning resources
Deliver group-based learning Only 4 participants Must have at least 8 participants
Plan and organise assessment Only 2 assessment occasions 5 assessment occasions
Plan and organise Recognition of Prior Learning assessment Only 1 RPL assessment 2 RPL assessments
Assess vocational education and training candidates Only Assess 2 candidates (can be in a simulated environment) Assess 5 candidates (must be in an actual training environment)
Participate in assessment validation Only 2 validation sessions 3 validation sessions


Develop Assessment Tools (TAEASS502) – This new core unit involves developing and using 3 assessment tools with 1 full unit of competency each. Assessment tools are made up of 2 or more assessment instruments which are used for collecting evidence.

For more information about developing tools and instruments, click here.

Customise Learning Resources for the TAELLN411 Unit – You will customise and use at least 2 learning resources to complete this new core unit. Learner resources could be anything that is used for training learners and could be a learner guide, a manual, or an audio tool. The customisation of the learning resources will depend upon the language, literacy, and numeracy needs of your learners.

Deliver Group-Based Learning – You will train 8 participants and address knowledge, skills, or both. It is encouraged that you choose a subject matter that you can deliver effectively. The group-based learning must teach your learners something new and must consist of 8 or more participants.

Plan and Organise Assessment – There will be 5 assessment occasions for this course where you will conduct the assessment of a candidate’s particular unit of competency. 

Plan and Organise RPL Assessment – Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is an assessment process where you will assess the evidence of a student’s ability in a related unit that a student has applied RPL for. The evidences will be reviewed against the unit requirements to ensure that they have competency in that unit. The new TAE40116 course will require you to do 2 RPL Assessments.

Assess Vocational Education and Training Candidates – You will assess 5 candidates in an actual training environment. The assessments must be carried out in an actual training environment where tasks are performed in actual workplace scenarios.

Participate in Assessment Validation – Validation is a process which includes checking your assessment tools and if they have produced valid, reliable, sufficient, current, and authentic evidence. This process will indicate if the requirements of a training package have been met. You will be required to complete 3 validation sessions to finish the new TAE40116 course.

To learn more about the TAE40116 course, click here.

II. Are these requirements true for TAE40116 online courses and face to face courses?

Yes, the new course requirements apply in both distance learning/self-paced online training course, and if you will attend a face to face workshop course delivery. Contact your training provider to get the exact assessment methods for these requirements.

III. Is the TAE40110 still a valid qualification today?

Yes.  The TAE40110 is still a valid training qualification today.

The latest Standards for RTOs says that to be a qualified trainer and assessor, you need to hold the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) OR its successor, the TAE40116. This means that the TAE40110 is still the national standard qualification for Australians who wish to become vocational workplace trainers, or work in a TAFE or RTO.

The latest Standards for RTOs 2015 was recently revised on June 29, 2017, and the TAE40110 was still included as a valid qualification for vocational training today. If you hold the TAE40110, then you are not required to complete the TAE40116 course, unless your employer specifically requires you.

However, starting on January 1, 2019, you will need to have completed 2 new units to remain qualified. These are the:

  • • TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • • TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools

You can enrol in the TAELLN411 as a single unit today, click here for more information.

IV. Is it possible to upgrade my TAE40110 to the TAE40116?

Ask your training provider if they have an upgrade course available. You can proceed to a TAE40110 to TAE40116 upgrade course with your chosen provider if you already hold the TAE40110, or if you will complete the course before the deadline.

To upgrade your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to the TAE40116, you will need to complete 2 additional course units (the TAELLN411 and the TAEASS502) and complete gap training for other course units. There may be additional requirements, depending on your training provider.

You may also gain Recognition of Prior Learning towards the Cert IV TAE, if you have recent work experience that is training-related or have already completed some course units.  Ask your training provider for your options on upgrading and the RPL process.

You can enrol in the TAE40110 now and complete it before the deadline, so you can upgrade later on with your chosen training provider. This is ideal if you want to get qualified as soon as possible with a lighter course load, and to avoid potentially higher fees.

The TAE40110 may be a better option if you are currently working, so that you can more easily adjust and the lighter course load would benefit you.

If you have the TAE40110 qualification already, then simply look for a training provider that offers a TAE40110 to TAE40116 upgrade course.

V. Until when can I study in the TAE40110?

You can enrol in the TAE40110 course only until October 5th. However, many training providers have an enrolment and/or assessment submission deadline before this date so that they can assess your work and award you the qualification before October 5th. After this date, you can only enrol in the TAE40116 course and RTOs will no longer issue the TAE40110.

If you do not enrol and complete the TAE40110 before this deadline, you will need to study the new course.

Click here now to get more information about enrolling in the TAE40110.

VI. Summary

The TAE40116 has a significantly heavier workload than the TAE40110.  The added requirements to complete this course are:

  • • The TAEASS502 and TAELLN411 units which have their own coursework
  • • At least 4 more participants in the group-based learning
  • • 3 more assessment occasions
  • • 1 additional RPL assessment
  • • Assessment of 3 more VET candidates in an actual training environment
  • • 1 additional validation session

If you hold the TAE40110, it is still valid today and you are still a qualified trainer and assessor. Remember to study the 2 new units before 2019 to continue delivering training courses.

If you have any questions about the Cert IV TAE, you can send our Enrolment Coordinator a message now by clicking and enquiring here.

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