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Diploma of Community Services: What You Need to Know

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the Diploma of Community Services

Enrolments are now open for the Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) course!

This diploma qualification—most current among community services training courses—is perfect for individuals who want to develop their respective careers in the community services industry. It equips you with the knowledge and skills required to perform case management services to various groups of people, including children, families, and the elderly.

A wide range of opportunity awaits you should you successfully complete this nationally accredited course. It qualifies you with a specialisation in Case Management, so you will be able to pursue roles such as Community Services Case Manager, Community Services Worker, and Case Management Worker. You may read the full course details by clicking here.

Course Delivery and Duration

Inspire Education’s CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) course is delivered via Self-Paced Online Learning. It allows you to access all the course materials online, so you can study on your own pace and schedule and from anywhere in Australia.

You can enrol anytime and choose whether to start straight away or set a commencement date. We will give you up to 12 months form your start date to study the materials and complete the course.

Course Units

The CHC52015 is made up of eight (8) core units and eight (8) elective units, including those required to get the Case Management specialisation. Here’s a look at the sixteen (16) units:

  • Core Units
    • CHCCCS007 – Develop and implement service programs
    • CHCCOM003 – Develop workplace communication strategies
    • CHCDEV002 – Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services
    • CHCDIV003 – Manage and promote diversity
    • CHCLEG003 – Manage legal and ethical compliance
    • CHCMGT005 – Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes
    • CHCPRP003 – Reflect on and improve own professional practice
    • HLTWHS004 – Manage work health and safety
  • Elective Units
    • CHCCCS004 – Assess co-existing needs (Case Management requirement)
    • CHCCSM004 – Coordinate complex case requirements (Case Management requirement)
    • CHCCSM005 – Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management (Case Management requirement)
    • CHCCSM006 – Provide case management supervision (Case Management requirement)
    • BSBPMG522 – Undertake project work
    • BSBWOR502 – Lead and manage team effectiveness
    • BSBWOR501 – Manage personal work priorities and professional development
    • BSBADM502 – Manage meetings

Vocational Placement Requirement

Students of this course are also required to do a minimum of one hundred (100) hours to a maximum of two hundred and forty (240) hours of vocational placement work in a registered and approved organisation. They must complete Subjects 1 to 6 first before doing so.

Please click here to see the requirements for vocational placement.

RPL Option

Individuals who have prior learning, work experiences, and other life experiences can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) so we may credit them as appropriately recognised. For more details, Inspire Education’s RPL Guide can be accessed here.

Are you interested in getting the Diploma of Community Services (Case Management)?

To claim a full course Infopack and to get in touch with our Enrolment Coordinator, kindly send us an enquiry via this link.

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There’s 10 comments (add a comment)

  • andy opal says:

    hey mate I have intrest

    • Joshua says:

      Thanks for your interest, Andy. Kindly enquire here to claim a course Infopack and so our Enrolment Coordinator can get in touch with you.

  • pelagie ntaconatigize says:

    I was looking to enrol in diploma of community services but I couldn’t get through.

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Pelagie. Can you try this link instead? If it’s still not working, kindly call us at 1800 506 509 so our team can assist you.

  • David Sangara says:

    Hi, I want to enrol in Community Services, but I can’t. could you please to do it for me? Thank you!

    • Joshua says:

      Thanks for your interest, David. Did you get any error messages? Can you please try this link? If it’s still not working, please call us at 1800 506 509 so our team can provide assistance.

  • Deb Plymin says:

    Hey Guys
    Whats the cist of this course?

    • Joshua says:

      Hi Deb. Do you mean gist? Getting the Diploma of Community Services equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to handle and manage cases in the community services sector. Learn how to work in communities and even develop and implement service programs for individuals and families. Our Enrolment Coordinator will be glad to discuss this further with you. Please enquire here at the Diploma of Community Services course page to get in touch.

  • Sue says:

    I’m interested in this course. Can you tell me how long has Inspire Education been running this course? I’m looking for reviews from past students who has completed this course with Inspire Education but can’t seem to find any. Most reviews are on Cert IV and Cert 3. If you could direct me to these reviews, I just want to see how others feel about doing this course.


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