How to Claim Your Self Education Tax Deduction

0 Comments   Posted: 23/07/15   by Luke Imbong

Self Education Tax Deductions Guide Most people take up training courses to improve their skills or enhance their career, but did you know the benefits go beyond helping you at work? Thanks to the Australian tax laws for self-education, you may be able to claim tax deductions for the courses you’ve studied! If you are Read the full post

Working in the Bookkeeping Industry – an Employer’s Perspective

0 Comments   Posted: 28/11/13   by Inspire Media

Tim from Books Onsite shares his experience as an employer in the bookkeeping industry

Today Tim from Books Onsite shares his experience as an employer in the bookkeeping industry. When I started Books Onsite over 7 years ago there were no real regulations in place governing who could work as a bookkeeper. It was a real “cottage industry” and I was astounded by how little knowledge some bookkeepers had Read the full post

BAS Agent Courses

2 Comments   Posted: 22/11/13   by William Cowie

Know what courses to take to be a registered BAS agent

BAS Agent Education and Training Getting the education and training to register as a BAS agent is a huge step forward in the career of bookkeepers. “Doing the BAS” is one of the vital reasons many small businesses need a bookkeeper. BAS agent qualifications and registration allows you to provide BAS services through your own Read the full post

Bookkeeper fined $30,000 for acting as unregistered agent

0 Comments   Posted: 02/10/13   by William Cowie

BAS Agent Registration Procedure

A NSW man has been ordered to pay $30,000 in penalties by the Federal Court of Australia for breaches of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009. Despite not being a registered tax agent or BAS agent, the man represented himself to clients as a registered agent on numerous occasions. He also prepared and lodged 49 Read the full post

How to set your bookkeeping prices and rates

0 Comments   Posted: 19/09/13   by William Cowie

How much should you charge as a bookkeeper?

One of the rewards of being a contract bookkeeper or registered BAS agent is having the ability to set your own rates and your own working hours. A career as either of these can be rewarding with many Australian businesses needing their services to comply with financial regulations. Among these valuable services that you can Read the full post

12 key expenses contract bookkeepers should not forget

1 Comment   Posted: 18/09/13   by William Cowie

12 key expenses contract bookkeepers should not forget

Don’t forget these bookkeeping expenses! Price is defined as the “amount of money charged for a product or service, or the sum of values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service”. Being your own boss has a lot of benefits, but it also means you’re responsible for setting Read the full post

How to Become a Bookkeeper

0 Comments   Posted: 27/06/13   by William Cowie

How to Become a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is a popular profession in Australia. It has all the advantages of being a semi-professional ‘white collar’ career. At the same time if offers you opportunities to start your own business, work from home and have a long term career in the bookkeeping and accounting industry. Barriers to entry are relatively low. Starting your financial Read the full post

Studying? Claim your computer on tax!

2 Comments   Posted: 07/06/13   by Inspire Media

Learn how to get Tax Deductions for your Laptop and Desktop Computer

The end of the Financial Year means two things: sales and tax time. Did you know that you may be able to claim a number of study related expenses as tax deductions? Whether you’re studying to become a trainer with the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a safety officer through the Certificate IV in Read the full post

Get your self-education tax refund now!

0 Comments   Posted: 07/06/13   by Inspire Media

By William Cowie Did you know you can get tax deductions to help with the cost of your studies? Some self-education expenses are able to be claimed on your tax return. What are self-education expenses? Self-education expenses are expenses you incur studying an eligible course to obtain a formal qualification from a school, university, college or Read the full post

How to Become a Contract Bookkeeper

5 Comments   Posted: 06/06/13   by William Cowie

How to Become a Contract Bookkeeper

Are you looking for a new career?  • Do you already work in bookkeeping or accounting or have a head for numbers? • Do you have an analytic mind? • Do you want to be your own boss? • Do you need flexible hours so you can look after your kids? • Are you up for a challenge? • Do you Read the full post

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